Evolving Takes Werk – Episode 4

On Episode 4 we will be talking to Jamisha Kirk, of Buffalo, NY, owner of Resilient Light Natural Soy Candles and her journey to create candles that honors her mother and her quest for providing a natural candle alternative for consumers. 

#hespoilsme by Arlinda McGlothin-McKinley

I had fallen for a man. It’s both beautiful and mind-boggling how he was able to captivate my attention and keep it to this day.

He’s so many amazing things, including unavailable to completely dedicate to anyone. Not even the one he calls intelligent, beautiful and pretty. #hespoilsme Available soon on Amazon.

Collective Resilience – From Vision To Stretching

Last night when Quiera posted in the group chat about the passing of Chadwick Boseman, I honestly went to Google to see who she was referring to because it couldn’t have been The Black Panther. It just couldn’t be him. It just couldn’t be another incredible loss for us. Not right now. It just couldn’tContinue reading “Collective Resilience – From Vision To Stretching”

Evolving Takes Werk Podcast ~ The Debut ~ Available Now!!

Join me today for the debut of Evolving Takes Werk Podcast, which includes a one moment meditation and tips for viewing your social media insights data and getting starting to tell your story. Episodes will air bi-weekly on Thursdays. On the podcast site you can leave me a message pertaining to questions that you wouldContinue reading “Evolving Takes Werk Podcast ~ The Debut ~ Available Now!!”

Upcoming Speaking Events

I’m excited about all of the opportunities God is allowing to take place in my life. With each phone call, dm and email I get more and more amazed. More & more in awe. I am both nervous and excited, both happy and humble. #justagirlfollowingherdreams #mindingherbusiness and #drinkingmorewater #lindarinsights #lindarinsightspublishing