The Story Behind Infused

In 2009 I self-published a collections of writings that discussed my failed marriage, a relationship, that I was in at that time, and my relationship with God. The title of Ghetto Chick actually came out of a heated discussion that ended with the guy, that I was seeing, telling me that he liked it when I got mad. I remember telling him, “You don’t want a nice girl. You want a ghetto chick.” And that’s how the idea was birthed.

A short time later, I heard God tell me to write the story of the writings in Ghetto Chick. I did just as God told me to do and I wrote a book entitled Sumthing Special, which tells a story of the love of Lindar and Cajun. Lindar is newly separated & a single mom of two sons. She has a super supportive group of girlfriends that help her navigate through life’s obstacles. During the holidays Lindar receives a phone call from Cajun, a man who’s southern bayou accent had her at hello when they first met several years ago. That one phone call led to a very complicated and at times destructive relationship. One where Lindar has to figure out that without her husband and with or without Canjun that she is truly something special.

Sumthing Special was self-published ten years ago. I never had it printed in bulk or really tried to promote until I had a conversation with Valerie Lewis-Coleman a couple of years. She challenged me to change the cover and have the manuscript professionally edited. It was during the editing process that Infused was birthed.

I am super excited about Infused being ready for the world and even more excited about the feedback from readers. One comment that I’m receiving a lot of feedback about is the cover and how beautiful the design is. It was so important, for me, that whenever anyone picked up Infused, that their beauty would be reflected back to them & that they would see that they are something special.

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You knew I was on a mission.

You knew my success would happen.

You infused me, not used me.

Hell, in the end, I took your pen.

See, you won’t tell that, will you?

Say, Boo, who really used who?

Run tell that.

From Ghetto Chick ~ Run Tell That

Self-Publishing Made Easy Workshop

Poster-Self-Publishing-Valerie-J-Lewis-Coleman-SPME-Nov-2018-232x300I will honestly always give credit where credit is due. Somewhere around 2008 I started attending writing workshops facilitated by Valerie Coleman. For several years a local radio would host Black Book Fairs, that included vendors and various workshops. I had always had a desire to write and here was an opportunity to learn. Attending her classes I learned so many valuable lessons.

I learned that your brand is important as a self-publisher. It is important that when someone wants to look for you online that it should be an easy task for them. With that information in my notebook I made it a point to have Lindarinsights well represented in a Google Search. Another lesson I learned from her is the concept of networking with authors, self-publishers,  and graphic artists. These connection come in handy when you want a book cover or ideas on book releases.

If you would like to self-publish I encourage you to attend the Pen of The Writer Workshop in November, in Dayton, Ohio. This experience will be an incredible investment for you.



The Lover’s Game by Brandon C. Brown

The Lovers Game B Brown

A friend of mine recently self-published his first novel, The Lover’s Game. He’s worked so hard in this process; from writing, to editing, to getting it release ready. I’m so excited for him and I know the lessons he’s learned will prep him for his next novel.

Today I sat and read Chapter 1 and thought, “Hmmmm. Let me find time for some more chapters.” I know if someone called me before four in the morning and we discussed why they left…… Brandon, I just need to know more. Lol.

Congratulations on your release Brandon. The best is yet to come.


Dump It

The absolute best advice I can give to a writer who wants to blog or write a book is to dump it. Get a notebook and simply write out all of your thoughts in no particular order. Don’t worry about if it makes sense, punctuation, style or anything just get your thoughts out.

When I have ideas and I don’t have a notebook or journal with me I go to the notes section of my phone and write out my thoughts and sometimes I email them to myself. I also have MS Word on my phone, I use that too to write on the go.

You would be so amazed at the relief you feel once you get your thoughts out. Trust me once those thoughts are out it makes room for more thoughts to enter. It makes room for you to organize what your vision is.

Generally after the dumping process I take a day or two and then I look over what I wrote to begin the organization process.

Again, I plead with you not to be worried about what it looks like in the beginning, it’s really a work in process. Think about a child’s toy box that needs to be cleaned out. The items are dumped, sorted and then organized. Whatever is not needed is discarded and everything else is put in order.

As you begin your writing journey I encourage you to be patient with self.

The Journey Begins

Welcome to LindarInsights Publishing.

This Above All To Thine Ownself Be True. — Polonius from Hamlet

Life sent me writing. In 2007 I was helping someone organize a book that they wanted published and as I was assisting I rediscovered my passion for writing. In 2008 I started my blog I absolutely love it. If you search the site you will get to know me a little better. I love God, family, basketball and music.

In 2009 I self-published my first book, Ghetto Chick. Ghetto Chick was honestly a response to a situationship that I was in. It’s a book of poetry that speaks to my failed marriage and the relationship that came afterwards. Later I heard a voice say write the story to the poetry and Sumthing Special was birthed. Sumthing Special is my personal, “Love Jones” and “Brown Sugar” combined. This year brought forth my third self-published book, #HeSpoilsMe. This particular book was the hardest to publish because I wrote in a style that I wasn’t used to sharing with others. Hmmmm….. To be truthful I deleted several writings at the last minute. I got scared. I remember my mom reading it and I was cringing on the inside of what the minister would think. lol. Her response was not what I expected.

Within the past year I have stepped out on faith and registered LindarInsights with the state, created a logo, began an information sheet and now created this site. My goal is to continue with writing and to assist others in bringing their words to life. Forthcoming I will post about all of my self-published works, my writing process and rolling out the plan to assist others with bringing their words to life.

I’m simply operating in what I was created to do. All things truly work together.