How Do You Know When Your Chapter or Book Is Finished?

How do you know when your chapter is finished? Once you’re clear that all of your thoughts are out about the subject of the chapter and you’re ready to move to the next topic (or situation if it’s a novel). How do you do when your book is finished? It’s really good to outline beforeContinue reading “How Do You Know When Your Chapter or Book Is Finished?”

Self-Publishing Made Easy Workshop

I will honestly always give credit where credit is due. Somewhere around 2008 I started attending writing workshops facilitated by Valerie Coleman. For several years a local radio would host Black Book Fairs, that included vendors and various workshops. I had always had a desire to write and here was an opportunity to learn. AttendingContinue reading “Self-Publishing Made Easy Workshop”

The Lover’s Game by Brandon C. Brown

A friend of mine recently self-published his first novel, The Lover’s Game. He’s worked so hard in this process; from writing, to editing, to getting it release ready. I’m so excited for him and I know the lessons he’s learned will prep him for his next novel. Today I sat and read Chapter 1 andContinue reading “The Lover’s Game by Brandon C. Brown”