Upcoming Speaking Events

I’m excited about all of the opportunities God is allowing to take place in my life. With each phone call, dm and email I get more and more amazed. More & more in awe. I am both nervous and excited, both happy and humble. #justagirlfollowingherdreams #mindingherbusiness and #drinkingmorewater #lindarinsights #lindarinsightspublishing

10 Day Grace Challenge (Woman Evolve 20)

On Saturday, at the close of Woman Evolve 20 Virtual Experience, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts gave us a ten day challenge. The challenge was to write down every time we see God’s grace in our lives. As she was ministering to us, I was inspired to create a journal to assist women on this 10Continue reading “10 Day Grace Challenge (Woman Evolve 20)”

Thank You Denise Bryers!!!!!!

I met Denise about 3 or 4 years ago. My pastor asked me to reach out to her to be on a health and wellness panel at our church. What struck me about her immediately, was how sweet her personality was. She was so easy to talk to and she shared so much good informationContinue reading “Thank You Denise Bryers!!!!!!”

Purchase Infused on Amazon!!!!

After a failed marriage Lindar enters into a situationship with a love interest from her past. Cajun infuses and inspires Lindar to become a writer. Lindar has to learn many difficult lessons, including how to love herself. Once the relationship ends she goes on a quest of redemption to prove to the world and toContinue reading “Purchase Infused on Amazon!!!!”

Let Your Creativity Work For You

Last year I had a book cover created for #infusedbook The cost was $430.  After paying the same cost for another book cover, I began to explore different apps and I created the cover on the right.  Adobe Sparks – $9.99/month  Canva Pro – $12.95/month  iStock Image – $30 Total (using cost for a month)Continue reading “Let Your Creativity Work For You”