Self-Publishing Made Easy Workshop

I will honestly always give credit where credit is due. Somewhere around 2008 I started attending writing workshops facilitated by Valerie Coleman. For several years a local radio would host Black Book Fairs, that included vendors and various workshops. I had always had a desire to write and here was an opportunity to learn. AttendingContinue reading “Self-Publishing Made Easy Workshop”

The Lover’s Game by Brandon C. Brown

A friend of mine recently self-published his first novel, The Lover’s Game. He’s worked so hard in this process; from writing, to editing, to getting it release ready. I’m so excited for him and I know the lessons he’s learned will prep him for his next novel. Today I sat and read Chapter 1 andContinue reading “The Lover’s Game by Brandon C. Brown”

The Journey Begins

Welcome to LindarInsights Publishing. This Above All To Thine Ownself Be True. — Polonius from Hamlet Life sent me writing. In 2007 I was helping someone organize a book that they wanted published and as I was assisting I rediscovered my passion for writing. In 2008 I started my blog I absolutely love it.Continue reading “The Journey Begins”