Checking In By Michelle Williams

I remember sitting in a breakout room at a Women’s conference waiting to see Michelle Williams speak in 2018. I was so excited to see and hear her in person. Listen!!!! I got to that room early to get a seat!  On that day she didn’t show up and I would later learn the reasonContinue reading “Checking In By Michelle Williams”

Why I Go Red!!!

I Go Red!!!! 💃🏽#nationalwearredday2021 I have participated with #GoRedForWomen❤️ faith based initiatives for several years. I loved being a part of #havefaithinheart and #empoweredtoserve It was something about getting information out to the community about stroke and heart disease that I absolutely love. On November 5, 2018 all of the information that I shared, withContinue reading “Why I Go Red!!!”

Wellness Webinar.1 | My 50lb. Weight Loss Journey

Last year I signed up to work with Denise Bryers and through her program I learned the importance of working out and eating well. I began her program weighing 315 pounds. Not only do I now workout on average of 10 times a week, I eat mainly whole foods and I have lost a littleContinue reading “Wellness Webinar.1 | My 50lb. Weight Loss Journey”

8 Weeks To A Swimsuit

In March of 2020, after our governor announced a “Stay At Home” order because of Covid-19, I signed up with a local trainer who was offering an online workout program live on Facebook. I figured I could support a small business and maybe this would help me lose the weight that I had been carryingContinue reading “8 Weeks To A Swimsuit”

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we are thankful for so much. 🙏🏾 Our life.Our health.Sufficiency.Another day.The selflessness of others.The kindness of others. Today we pray for so many who Are in the hospital.Are mourning the loss of loved ones.Are essential workers.Are missing the community of church and family.Are brokenhearted. Today we know that We should have an attitude ofContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”