Happy Thanksgiving

Today we are thankful for so much. πŸ™πŸΎ

Our life.
Our health.
Another day.
The selflessness of others.
The kindness of others.

Today we pray for so many who

Are in the hospital.
Are mourning the loss of loved ones.
Are essential workers.
Are missing the community of church and family.
Are brokenhearted.

Today we know that

We should have an attitude of gratitude.
That if we look back over our lives and think things over,
God has always provided.
If we can’t thank Him for this, we can thank Him for that.
In all things give thanks.

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I love God, my family and writing. Professionally I am a teacher. I have been teaching for 16 years. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am the mommy of two awesome sons. My faith is very important to me. I attend Light of the World Ministries under the leadership of Dr. Mike and Lady Kisha Scruggs, where I am assist on the Leadership and Creative Team. I also teach in our Children's Church Ministry. I also manage Arlinda Christine Ministries, where we have planned men and women's worship encounter events since 2013.

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