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In 2009 I self-published a collections of writings that discussed my failed marriage, a relationship, that I was in at that time, and my relationship with God. The title of Ghetto Chick actually came out of a heated discussion that ended with the guy, that I was seeing, telling me that he liked it when I got mad. I remember telling him, “You don’t want a nice girl. You want a ghetto chick.” And that’s how the idea was birthed.

A short time later, I heard God tell me to write the story of the writings in Ghetto Chick. I did just as God told me to do and I wrote a book entitled Sumthing Special, which tells a story of the love of Lindar and Cajun. Lindar is newly separated & a single mom of two sons. She has a super supportive group of girlfriends that help her navigate through life’s obstacles. During the holidays Lindar receives a phone call from Cajun, a man who’s southern bayou accent had her at hello when they first met several years ago. That one phone call led to a very complicated and at times destructive relationship. One where Lindar has to figure out that without her husband and with or without Canjun that she is truly something special.

Sumthing Special was self-published ten years ago. I never had it printed in bulk or really tried to promote until I had a conversation with Valerie Lewis-Coleman a couple of years. She challenged me to change the cover and have the manuscript professionally edited. It was during the editing process that Infused was birthed.

I am super excited about Infused being ready for the world and even more excited about the feedback from readers. One comment that I’m receiving a lot of feedback about is the cover and how beautiful the design is. It was so important, for me, that whenever anyone picked up Infused, that their beauty would be reflected back to them & that they would see that they are something special.

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You knew I was on a mission.

You knew my success would happen.

You infused me, not used me.

Hell, in the end, I took your pen.

See, you won’t tell that, will you?

Say, Boo, who really used who?

Run tell that.

From Ghetto Chick ~ Run Tell That

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I love God, my family and writing. Professionally I am a teacher. I have been teaching for 16 years. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am the mommy of two awesome sons. My faith is very important to me. I attend Light of the World Ministries under the leadership of Dr. Mike and Lady Kisha Scruggs, where I am assist on the Leadership and Creative Team. I also teach in our Children's Church Ministry. I also manage Arlinda Christine Ministries, where we have planned men and women's worship encounter events since 2013.

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