Self-Publishing Made Easy Workshop

Poster-Self-Publishing-Valerie-J-Lewis-Coleman-SPME-Nov-2018-232x300I will honestly always give credit where credit is due. Somewhere around 2008 I started attending writing workshops facilitated by Valerie Coleman. For several years a local radio would host Black Book Fairs, that included vendors and various workshops. I had always had a desire to write and here was an opportunity to learn. Attending her classes I learned so many valuable lessons.

I learned that your brand is important as a self-publisher. It is important that when someone wants to look for you online that it should be an easy task for them. With that information in my notebook I made it a point to have Lindarinsights well represented in a Google Search. Another lesson I learned from her is the concept of networking with authors, self-publishers,  and graphic artists. These connection come in handy when you want a book cover or ideas on book releases.

If you would like to self-publish I encourage you to attend the Pen of The Writer Workshop in November, in Dayton, Ohio. This experience will be an incredible investment for you.



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